The Board

Sean Renwick


Sean Renwick grew up in Chicago and studied Biological Engineering at Purdue University before continuing with his Master’s degree at the D-BSSE. As BSA president, he mainly represents Biotech students in university politics and ETH committees in Zurich. While also supporting relations with Zurich, he hopes to foster a welcoming community here in Basel, so feel free to reach out!

Michael Bohl

Vice President and Industry Relations

Michael Bohl grew up in Germany and studied Interdisciplinary Sciences at ETH in Zurich before joining the Biotechnology Master’s program in Basel. In his role as vice president, he supports the BSA board by representing the students within the department and in interactions with external contacts. Additionally, he serves as a liaison for the BSA in the D-BSSE Meets Industry initiative and leverages industry contacts to secure internship positions for master’s students. Feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions, feedback, or concerns!

Yangguang (Claire) Xu


Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Claire completed her Bachelor’s in Biotechnology at Fudan University before joining D-BSSE. As treasurer, she is responsible for managing the finances of BSA and ensuring that all financial transactions are accurate and up-to-date. She is excited to get to know her colleagues and make a positive impact on the organization.

Manuel Araujo Novoa

Student Affairs

From Venezuela and Spain, Manuel completed his Bachelor’s in Biotechnology in UK at the University of Surrey, before joining the Master’s in Biotechnology at ETH. As responsible for student affairs, he will do his best to guarantee communication between the students and the department. He is always happy to meet new students and to help out. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you have any issue or you just feel like having a chat!

Konstantina Vlachaki

Public Relations

Konstantina is a Greek student born in Athens but studied in Thessaloniki and did her bachelor’s in  Chemical engineering. She came to ETH Zurich to find a lovely community in the BSA. Therefore, she wants to help other students experience some warmth in Basel (especially during winter) by promoting events, giving advice to new students and maintaining the website. Feel free to came hang out and chat anytime.

Leonor Gomes Ramos de Soveral Martins

Social Events

Leo loves to stay up late for the pints. The best way to approach her in those situations is to bring yours or any dog. Even better if you bring a cow, then you can get free drinks for the night.

Mattia Gobbetti

Social Events

To whoever is reading this bio, this is a cry for help. This person was forced by higher entities to call himself Mattia, but he never identified as one. I have the pleasure to introduce you to Bez, a social and very docile creature who was born, raised and heavily fed in the Swiss Italian region. Bez ended up at D-BSSE after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Biology in Lausanne, and now decided to devote himself to the fight against an incurable curse that has been haunting him since his arrival at the department: Betti. Betti is a chaotic and overly excited copy of Bez who, unfortunately, more often than desired takes over Bez’s body and enjoys making him regret his action choices. However, every now and then, when in control of his own body, Bez will try to entertain you and make you laugh by organising events together with the dog-obsessed girl here on his right. Please, help Bez fight Betti and reclaim his own identity, a simple action will make the difference. Just by showing up to his events and calling him with his real name, he will always be grateful to you.

Tivadar Péter Török

IT and Infrastructure

Tivadar was born and raised in Budapest and did his bachelor’s in Biochemichal Engineering before starting his Master’s studies in Biotechnology here at the D-BSSE. Tivadar is responsible for all things related to IT & Infrastructure, but he also helps out wherever it is needed. Do not hesitate to reach out to him if you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions.